MCG Social was founded by Emily Miethner, a passionate social media and millennial expert who's been producing events since she was a girl scout and unknowingly blogging since she started a livejournal in 2002.


Her goal? To help brands use social media, events, and to engage millennials to grow their communities and business. 


Our work ranges from producing a 500 person conference and a world recording-setting rainbow parade across the Brooklyn Bridge to developing social media strategies for large publishing companies to retail locations and e-commerce sites. Live social media at events, Snapchat, and actually get folks to engage IRL are just a few of our specialties.

What makes MCG Social different from other agencies? Our sister community of over 20,000 millennials, FindSpark.


FindSpark.com is dedicated to setting up young professionals for career success. We have produced over 250 programs since 2011 and work with companies such as HBO, L'Oreal, AOL, Viacom, Bustle, NBCUniversal, Momentum Worldwide, Ruder Finnn, and Madison Square Garden to support their recruitment, employer branding, and diversity initiatives. 

Our MCG Social clients have the opportunity to tap into FindSpark in order to create campaigns, conduct research, or work with influencers. Learn more here.


The MCG Social team includes a roster of stellar creative professionals including strategists, community managers, videographers, copywriters, photographers, and more.


MCG stands for Miethner Creative Group!

These cupcakes have a hashtag on them.