FindSpark Initiator: Snapchat & Millennials


A Guide, Workshop Tour, & Event Series dedicated to helping brands, employers, and college campuses

better understand how to use Snapchat to engage 18-25 year olds

Attend our Snapchat & Millennials Live Event

Hear from millennials and the brands engaging them at our live event on Thursday, June 2nd.

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About FindSpark


FindSpark is an online/offline career community of 20,000+ millennials. We've produced 250+ programs since 2011 and our members rep 500+ colleges and universities. We work with higher ed partners to bring our resources to their students and alumni and with employers interested in connecting with our community to enahnce their pipeline, recruiting, diversity, and employer branding initiatives.






About MCG Social


MCG Social, FindSpark's sister agency, works with brands and companies that want to engage and better understand millennials by creating campaigns that engage, inspire, and educate.




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